It was wonderful having the MARY EVE THORSON MUSEUM FOR TEACHERS make its debut within Visitation Catholic School!  Teachers pointed, laughed, cried, and recounted fond memories of being with family and going to school as a child while looking at the different exhibits.  Some teachers even took the time to write upon the gigantic sheet of faux notebook paper, expressing great thanks to former teachers for educating and nurturing them.  Students also wrote beautiful words about their favorite teachers!  All were amazed that everything in the museum had been donated by individuals in remembrance of a beloved educator.  And, there were teachers from Visitation that gave special items to the museum!  It was a time which I'll never forget. 

The METMFT is proud to be the 1st museum dedicated to the teaching profession in Chicago and the state of Illinois.  And, we're happy that the teachers from Visitation felt honored to be appreciated by having a museum which truly belongs to them! Remember, there is NEVER a cost associated with experiencing the exhibits - all is FREE...including baked goods!