The Mary Eve Thorson Museum For Teachers is dedicated to the teaching profession in great thanks for all it does to educate, protect, and empower children, teens, and adults in preparation for academic excellence and social success.  For those persons whom are unfamiliar with the story of Mary Eve Thorson, please take a moment to watch the introduction of the documentary at the Save Our Schools conference in Washington. And then, at your leisure you may view the entire film which is provided below without charge. 

We hope that many persons will attend the Grand Opening on Wednesday, October 12th, from 10a.m to 1p.m. at Visitation High School, 900 W. Garfield Blvd., in Chicago. These same hours will be in place daily for interested parties, with the exception of weekends when the museum is closed.  This is a special moment for teachers as we welcome the 1st museum dedicated to them in the city of Chicago and quite possibly the state of Illinois.  Initially, the museum will travel until it finds a proper home.  We're certain some might criticize the fact that such an important undertaking couldn't wait until a building was secured.  Our response would be that teachers deserve to be acknowledged...much sooner than later.

To receive the coveted Golden Apple Award is a wonderful honor indeed.  And yet, there are countless awesome teachers who remain in the shadows as far as recognition is concerned. Now, there will be a place for ALL teachers to feel special, included, and revered. Without a doubt, this should have happened long ago.  Sometimes, you just need to DO a thing without reservation...period.  We're proud of teachers and happy to celebrate them...with God's help. Please join us in applauding this profession! There will NEVER be a cost for admission and refreshments will be free as well.  We hope you enjoy experiencing the various exhibits while remembering why teachers are so crucial to the development of our society. 

We would like to thank Sr. Diane Boutet and Sr. Jean Matijosaitis, the Principal of Visitation Catholic School, for hosting such a momentous event.  They represent The Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa, an order of nuns which has been a continuing presence for Caucasian, African-American, and Hispanic communities by way of educating youth from 1891 to 2016.  It's an honor for the museum to begin its journey within the walls of an institution which has proven to be unwavering in its commitment to educating children on Garfield Boulevard for 125 years!

To ALL Teachers EVERYWHERE, we SALUTE you! 

Mrs. Maryah J. Richardson-Marciniak, Curator  

Mr. Dylan lloyd, Sponsor/Curator  

Myra Kathryn Richardson, Curator







02 - School Days.mp3

DYING TO TEACH: The Killing of Mary Eve Thorson, "Educators Who Bully"